Infertility is defined as a women who cannot conceive after having regular and unprotected sex for greater than one year.

Marion Women’s Health Center can perform a comprehensive and extensive review regarding the length of time a woman and her partner have been attempting to conceive. Often our patients can be counseled on causes, diagnosis, risks and treatments of infertility. Our office will discuss female and male infertility. Once a decision to move forward on exploring the reasons for infertility there are certain tests that we will order for our patients and their partners. Women who are having difficulties conceiving can make an appointment with Marion Women’s Health Center to be evaluated. Some of the testing that we offer our patients are:

  • A comprehensive consultation with a patient and her partner.
  • Lab tests to confirm ovulation and adequate sperm counts.
  • X-Rays (Hysterosalpingogram) to confirm that the woman’s fallopian tubes are patent (open). Dr. Moodley can perform this test at New Horizon’s Surgery Center.
  • Ultrasounds to confirm that there are no uterine or ovarian abnormalities.
  • Instructions on timing and frequency of intercourse.
  • Medications for ovulation

If necessary once all these tests are performed and no pregnancy is achieved, MWHC can make a referral to an infertility specialist. Most initial testing can be done in Marion to help save cost for our patients and their partners. Many insurance companies pay for little or no testing for infertility.

Ultimately a healthy pregnancy can be achieved in many cases.

Our office will be closed Mon April 8th. Normal hours resume April 9th.

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