Dr. Jay Moodley is an early adopter of gynecologic da Vinci Surgery and has many years of experience with robotic surgery. This type of surgery is often referred to as minimally invasive or robotic surgery. He has performed hundreds of procedures in both Marion and Columbus, OH. Dr. Moodley is specifically trained and experienced with the da Vinci robotic system. 

Dr. Moodley is one of only a few surgeons in the Marion, Ohio area that performs minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries.

Dr. Jay Moodley da Vinci Robotic Surgery
Jay Moodley, MD at the da Vinci Robotic Surgery Console

The  following procedures are typically performed using the robot to provide the least invasive and most effective treatment options:

If you are considering  surgery for any of these conditions, then the da Vinci Surgical System is an option you may consider and something that Dr. Moodley can discuss with you. 

The da Vinci is most popular surgical robot in use today. In 2018, more than 1 million procedures were performed worldwide with the da Vinci, up from 136,000 in 2008. 

How the da Vinci system works

Dr. Moodley controls this system through a console. He operates through small incisions using tiny instruments. The monitor displays a 3D high-definition magnified video image during the operation. All of his movements (hand controls, foot controls) are translated by the da Vinci system in real-time. A camera that has been carefully inserted through tiny incisions gives the surgical area a magnified, 3D view. Using robotic technology there is a greater range of motion when compared to traditional laparoscopy.  Visualization is more optimal during surgery and he has better dexterity when utilizing the da Vinci® Surgical System.

“These instruments are an extension of my fingers and hands and allow me to perform much more intricate procedures.”

Jay Moodley, MD

The da Vinci system has been widely adopted by renowned surgeons all over the world, including Dr. Moodley. It has often replaced traditional surgery. A lot of women now prefer this technology for their gynecological health needs due to the benefits. It allows for faster recovery times, with most gynecologic patients returning home 12 to 18 hours after robotic surgery.

A Hysterectomy example, almost scarless results

A surgery that Dr. Moodley often performs with the DaVinci system is a hysterectomy.  A hysterectomy is a procedure where your uterus is surgically removed with the goal of eliminating or reducing symptoms. 

Get back to what matters most.

Traditionally, the most common way to remove the uterus would have involved a large incision in the abdomen. The  da Vinci hysterectomy procedure has proved an excellent option for this surgery and many other surgeries. Unlike the traditional surgery whereby a large incision is made to make room for the surgeon to access the pelvic cavity, in the da Vinci model, the surgeon operates through small incisions. There is also less pain and less time spent recuperating. The choice of robotic surgery means you will be able to get back to performing  your daily activities quicker than with a large open surgical operation. 

What could I experience?

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Operating Room Staff With Vision Cart
da Vinci Robotic Surgery Operating Room Staff With Vision Cart

You’re not alone in your experience. More than one in three women have a hysterectomy by age 60. Over the years, surgeons have adopted techniques for performing hysterectomies, such as robotic assisted surgery using da Vinci® technology.

A review of published studies suggest potential benefits after a benign hysterectomy with da Vinci technology are:

  • Patients may experience fewer complications compared to patients who had open and laparoscopic surgery.
  • Patients may stay in the hospital for a shorter amount of time than patients who had open, laparoscopic and vaginal surgery

What else may happen?

  • Surgeons may be less likely to switch to an open procedure when doing a surgery with da Vinci, compared to a laparoscopic surgery.
  • This means you will have a few small incisions compared to an open procedure and after surgery, a few small scars.

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Patients should talk to their doctors to decide if da Vinci® surgery is right for them. Patients and their doctor should review all available information on nonsurgical and surgical options and associated risks in order to make an informed decision.

Serious complications may occur in any surgery, including da Vinci surgery. Please also refer to intuitive.com safety information.

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