Clomid Instructions

  • Start clomid only after a period
  • The first day of you period is day one of your cycle.
  • Day 3 through day 7 take Clomid as directed.
  • Day 15 is ovulation. Have sex on this day and every other day for the rest of the week.
  • Day 22 of your cycle, have a serum progesterone blood test drawn in our office (Monday through Friday) or at the lab, ( Saturday or Sunday). This will check to see if you have ovulated. You need to call the office to have the test ordered unless we have already written the order and given it to you.
  • On day 30, (approximately) your next period should begin.
  • Call the office if your period starts or if you have not started a period after 37 days.
  • Use the Clear Plan Easy Ovulation prediction kit starting on day 11 to time intercourse when ovulation is confirmed by the lab test.